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i. Setting general and uniform guidelines for the Appointment, Promotion and Discipline in respect of Local Government Employees.

ii. Establishment Policy in respect of Local Government Staff in conjunction with the Local Government Service Commission.

iii. Liaison with Public Service Development Centre (PSSDC) and other issues.

iv. Staff records, Staff lists and Statistics of Local Government Employees.

v. Local Government Staff Housing Loans Matters.

vi. Maintaining an up-to-date Personnel record of all Local Government Employees

on GL 01 and above.

vii. Central records of the Local Government Employees.

viii. Maintaining a comprehensive Seniority list of all Local Government Employees.

ix. Gazette publication of Establishment matters, Appointment, Promotion and Confirmation in respect of all Local Government Service Employees.

x. Local Government staff postings.

xi Local Government Staff Welfare matters.

xii. Implementation of the Civil Service Rules and Financial Regulations.

xiii. Training and Staff Development of Local Government Employees.

xiv. Publication of Annual Reports on Establishment Matters in the Unified Local Government Service.

xv. Maintaining a monthly Local Government Gazette or Newsletter to convey.

xvi. Staff movements, including new Appointments, Promotion and Retirements/Dismissal/Registration/Termination.

xvii. Staff List of Levels 01-06 and GL.07 and above in the Unified Local Government.

xviii. Management of the Training fund for the Unified Local Government Staff.

xix. Constitution of Departmental selection/Promotion Board for all Junior Staff on GL 01-08 in the Unified Local Government Service.

xx. Assume responsibility for manpower planning, development and training in the Local Government Service

xxi. Coordination of Local Government Personnel Budget.

xxii. Setting general and uniform guidelines for the conditions of Service for Employees on GL.07 and above in the Local Government.

xxiii. Providing Management Services to the Local Government.

xxiv. Coordinating Industrial Relations of the Government in conjunction with Head of Service.

xxv. Local Government pensions and Gratuities

xxvi. Maintaining Comprehensive and up-to date personnel records of Local Government Pensioners

xxvii. Local Government Pension Schemes/Fund.

xxviii. Verification of Local Government Pensioners.

xxix. Follow-up on reimbursement claims from all Pensioners who retired on the Old Pensions Scheme.